Welcome to my little space online.

I am sure you are visiting because you wanted to know more about me so here we go:

I am a complex person: my areas of expertise are mostly related to Social Media and Brand Management but also I have a Data Science side that helps me analyze and understand each media to develop new Marketing Strategies. I know, it sounds boring but once you understand what you can do with a little knowledge about brand-audience-media & available resources, it becomes a MUST to apply the experience in all possible fields 😋

I also have an artistic side where I indulge my creativity needs after all the rational analysis done within my work 🎨 I love interior design, DIY craft, and projects (from clothes and shoes to furniture and decor objects to name a few), coloring books and/or random images and all sorts of creative endeavors to fulfill my cravings for artistic projects.

I’ve craved a beach life my entire life, and now that I have it, I miss the autumn and winter lifestyle with its cozy clothes and hot chocolates by the fire…