Hi, my name is Dr. Jessica Hemingway,

I’m here to provide that final boost of confidence by polishing your texts written in English. I improve the flow and formalism of your text so your audience can focus on your message.

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Jessica Hemingway


German to English translations

Proof reading

Proof reading English text in sustainability, urban planning, and related fields in social science (i.e. master’s theses, dissertations, scientific journal articles)

Practice sessions

Practice sessions of English speeches or presentations

English conversation

(Phone or Online) (i.e. scientific, business or informal discussions)

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About me

Jessica Hemingway

I am a native English speaker

originally from Syracuse, New York, U.S.A. currently residing in Dresden, Germany. I’m a sustainability research scientist by day and an English translation hero by night! 😉 But seriously, I’ve created this business because there has been a demand for this type of expertise, and I enjoy helping others feel confident with their English texts. Working in academia has resulted in over 10 years’ experience proof-reading scientific texts written in English by German native speakers. I’m also fluent in German resulting in a unique ability to also understand what is trying to be conveyed scientifically by my customers. My educational background in psychology, urban planning and environmental science make me equipped to understand and correct scientific writing including scientific jargon (i.e. GIS, urban planning and scientific method terminology). I have years of experience in creating and carrying-out scientific and other types of presentations and workshops, where I can also provide English support.